Travel Health in West Auckland at Henderson Medical Centre


Welcome to our boutique Travel Clinic, where travel medicine is a passion!

We are West Auckland’s only specialist travel health service and accredited Yellow Fever vaccination clinic.

We are a Nurse led clinic with a philosophy of making comprehensive travel health advice accessible, relevant, and user-friendly.


We understand that no two travellers are the same; whether you’re fit and healthy, or have a complex health history and medications, we can tailor the best advice to you. We also understand that no two trips are the same; For some, it’s a quick trip to the Islands, and for others, it’s a month-long multi-continental epic journey. No two trips are the same, and no two travellers are the same, so we keep our consultations relevant to your specific requirements. Our practical advice and recommendations will be based purely on your needs.


We understand that travel is often expensive, and additional expenses need to be prioritised. While you’ll be accessing a premium service, we’re committed to keeping our services financially accessible to all travellers.

Yellow Fever; We are West Auckland’s only Yellow Fever accredited vaccination centre, a testament to Jason’s specialist skills and experience – which he applies to all consultation options below.

Full travel consultation; our recommendation for all travellers, this is the gold standard that will consider your individual risk assessment and all destination and activity specific risks. We will educate you and provide written advice and information for your travel. Even for seasoned travellers, you should learn something from these consultations. These are comprehensive assessments, and you can expect 30-45 minutes with our travel specialist.

Vaccine only; If you feel you really don’t need the works, then this will cover your vaccine preventable disease risk only. We’re realistic about the costs associated with travel and will discuss and recommend vaccines based on your personal level of risk. This will include a full breakdown on the level of risk and transmission of these diseases so you can make a comfortably informed decision.

*Even if you think you know what you need/want, you will need to have the consultation as this is a legal requirement for us to administer vaccines.

Malaria only; In this consultation, we will assess and discuss insect borne diseases with a focus on malaria for your trip. Please note we will only discuss and address anything related directly to malaria prevention and chemo-prophylaxis (anti-malarial drugs).

Follow-up visits; Any follow up visits for further vaccines, once planned at initial consultation, are free of charge – you will pay for the vaccine/s only on these visits.

Additional people; We understand you’ll more often than not be travelling with someone else. We can accommodate family, couples, or group consultations. We charge a smaller fee per additional person, so for a family, couple, or group, making this a great budget friendly option.

Post travel consultation; If you bring back any unexpected and unwanted souvenirs from your travels, we’ll book you with one of our doctors. Between their medical experience and Jason’s travel medicine, we’ll have it figured out in no time.


Our travel clinic is led by one of our Nurses, Jason Leigh, who holds the gold standard qualification in travel medicine; the Diploma in Travel Medicine from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow.

Jason found his passion for travel medicine while serving as a medic in the New Zealand Army.
He moved on to do his Nursing degree, before returning to travel medicine in a General Practice setting while working for Citibank in London, where he looked after their travellers.

Jason also loves travelling himself, having spent time in SE Asia, Central and South America, Europe and North Africa amongst other destinations. Travel is something Jason feels is important for global culture, a value he is instilling in his children. His travel health advice is led from a traveller’s perspective, keeping it realistic, user-friendly, and often delivered from first-hand experience.

Jason is supported in his role by our Clinical Lead Dr Hussam Al-Diery, clinic owner Dr Anthony Hawes, and the rest of the GP team.

Ready to book? Call us to book (09) 837 1110, Please complete a pre-travellers checklist before your consultation by clicking the button below

Pre-Travellers Checklist
Travel Consult Adult x 1 – 45 minutes (follow-up charges may apply) $98.00
Travel Consult Adult x 2 (each) – 1 hour (follow-up charges may apply) $68.00
Travel Consult – Limited $70.00
Travel Consult Child (under 6yrs) $25.00
Travel Consult Child (6-15yrs) $50.00
Travel Family (2 adults and up to 3 children) $150.00
Travel Service Fee (recalls and completion of vaccines) $28.00
Malaria only Travel Consult – 30 mins $50.00
Vaccine Only Travel Consult $50.00
Yellow Fever Consult $75.00
Chicken pox (Varicella) x 2 (each) $85.00
Cholera (Dukoral) x 2 (each) $78.00
Influenza $25.00
Hepatitis A – Adult (Havrix) x 2 (each) $96.00
Hepatitis A – Paediatric (Havrix) x 2 (each) $70.00
Hepatitis B (Engerix) x 3 (each) $45.00
Hepatitis A/B – Adult (Twinrix) x 3 (each) $98.00
Hepatitis A/B – Paediatric (Twinrix junior) x 3 (each) $75.00
Hepatitis A/Typhoid (Vivaxim) $185.00
Japanese Encephalitis x 2 (each)0 $200.00
Meningococcal ACWY (Nimenrix) $119.00
Meningococcal B x 2 (each) $140.00
Pneumovax $95.00
Polio (IPOL) $80.00
Rabies – Intradermal x 3 (each) $75.00
Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussis (Boostrix) $55.00
Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussis/Polio (Adacel) $110.00
Typhoid (Typhim Vi) $80.00 for the injection
$90.00 for oral vaccination
Yellow Fever $125.00
MMR (non-residents) $40.00