Acute Walk In Clinic

At Henderson Medical Centre our aim is to provide the best possible care to our patients by continually looking at ways to improve our service.

Over the last year we have seen an increase in demand for patients enrolling at our clinic and wait times for appointments. This is a trend across NZ.

In order to address the above, we have decided to trial daily drop-in clinics for certain groups;

  1. Children 13 years and under
  2. New ACC / injuries and
  3. Acutely unwell patients (eg. abdominal pain / sore throat, cough / UTI / urgent health problems that have developed within the last day or two

It is important to note that for us to see as many patients as possible during the walk- in clinic, we can only deal with one single issue. The walk-in clinic is unable to treat long term or ongoing health issues. Please continue to make an appointment for these as per usual.

Additionally, whilst it is our intention to safely treat as many patients as possible, there may be occasions where we have been unable to see everyone on the day due to capacity.

Our drop-in clinics are between the hours of:

8:00 am – 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Tuesday – Friday
8:00 am – 10:00 am and 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

A nurse will firstly triage patients so the most urgent cases get seen first.

We anticipate this will provide timely care for patients needing it while improving access to the daily flow of GP appointments.

Please continue to collect a mask on arrival if coming through for a respiratory related issue.

Also, patients will now be enrolled under Henderson Medical Centre rather than a specific GP.  You can book with any one of our fabulous GP team and you still have the option to book with your preferred GP for ongoing conditions.

High Care Patients

For patients with chronic complex conditions such as palliative care, we will continue to assign a single GP point of contact for continuity of care.

MyIndici Patient Portal

Please note that whilst we transition into this new model of care our patient portal MyIndici will be temporarily unavailable for booking appointments online.  Please call us on 09 837 1110 to book an appointment.

Repeat Scripts/Results

Please continue to use MyIndici, our online patient portal to order your repeat prescriptions and access your test results.

If you are yet to set up a MyIndici account, please visit our website and click on the MyIndici PatientPortal signup tab or call Reception on 09 837 1110 for assistance.