Repeat Prescription Requests

Making an appointment with your doctor is always the best way to obtain a repeat prescription, as it gives your doctor an opportunity to review your on-going need for medication. Providing repeat scripts without an appointment is therefore solely at the discretion of your doctor.

Our doctors are unable to provide repeats if you were not seen for your last prescription, or if your medication was changed at your last visit. An appointment is always necessary for medications such as antibiotics.

If you would still like to proceed with your prescription request, please note that we are now using MyIndici; a free, secure online website that provides an easy, safe and convenient way for you to manage more of your own health care. To request a repeat prescription, you will need to register with MyIndici, which is quick and easy to do. You only need to register once, after which you just enter your email address and password to log in. Simply click the link below to register and request your prescription.

The turnaround time for repeat prescriptions is 48 hours (weekends and public holidays not included). If you have not received an email or text message from us within 48 hours of your request, please phone reception on 837 1110 to confirm that it is ready / has been sent.

If you have already run out of medication, or are likely to do so before your prescription is ready, please contact your pharmacy and ask them to provide an emergency tablet or two to see you through. Remember, it is your responsibility to manage your appointments and medications appropriately.