Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us and is protected in the same way as all medical information. Your details will not be disseminated to others other than with your permission as part of the normal provision of healthcare and neccessary co-operation between health care providers.

Your confidential medical notes are not stored or contained on a webserver or the internet, but are stored securely within Henderson Medical Centre.

All reasonable precautions are taken to protect your identity during the registation, repeat prescription and test results form submission process. However, please note that information exchanged over the internet may not be secure, and it is important that you recognise this and take all due precautions. This is particularly so when using public or work computers, where other people or your employer may view your e-mail and/or browsing history.

We are increasingly sending correspondence to patients by email and text message, as these are the quickest and most cost effective ways of communicating with our patients. If you have changed or have a new email address or mobile phone number please let us know, so we can continue to communicate effectively with you.

Occasionally we may need to send you confidential, personal or private information by email or text message. Because of this, it is vital that the email address and mobile phone number you provide Henderson Medical Centre is suitable for receiving confidential and private information. We strongly recommend that the email address and mobile phone number you provide to us should be personal to you and not shared with other people. We suggest it should not be accessible by anyone you would not be comfortable seeing confidential, personal or private information about you.

We advise against the exchange of sensitive or personal health related information via the internet.