Skin Cancer Clinic

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of melanoma in the world, making skin cancer a health issue you can’t ignore.  At Henderson Medical Centre, we have Doctors and Nurses with expertise in the diagnosis and management of skin cancer.

Wendy will perform your skin check whilst informing you on early detection and prevention of skin cancer.  Wendy’s goal is to educate, screen and empower people to be responsible for their long-term health. Click on Wendy for more info.

Wendy Duckett

Wendy Duckett


My nursing career started over 30 years ago in the UK, working initially in the hospital environment, then into primary care; thus, providing me with a wealth of experience. In 2003 I immigrated to New Zealand. The qualifications and experience I have achieved have been in response to the demand and expectation within the field of nursing I am working under, thus, gaining the Advanced Clinical Certificate and Diploma of Dermoscopy. I now offer full body skin cancer examinations, with photography and referral for surgery where necessary.

My mission is to spread the word on early detection and prevention of skin cancer. My goal is to educate, screen and empower people to be responsible for their long term health

At Henderson Medical Centre, we use digital dermoscopy, a state-of-the-art, non-invasive imaging system that makes early diagnosis of skin cancer possible. Up until now, mole checks have involved a routine examination of the skin using the naked eye.  This allows only the surface features of the mole to be studied.  In contrast, dermoscopy allows increased diagnostic accuracy using polarised and non-polarised light to see below the skin surface. This enables a Practitioner experienced in dermoscopy to identify the internal features of the mole that wouldn’t otherwise be seen with the naked eye.

Studies have shown that dermoscopy can improve the diagnosis of melanoma by 10-27%, in comparison to clinical examination alone. This means fewer unnecessary excisions of benign lesions and a higher pick-up rate of potentially dangerous skin cancers.

Skin Cancer Treatment Options

If a mole or area of concern has been identified, you will be advised of the best treatment options available to you. The following specialised services can all be performed on-site at Henderson Medical Centre by either Dr Anthony Hawes or Dr Ashraff Eilyaas who have additional training in this area:

  • Topical treatment with Aldara or Efudix creams
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Shave excision
  • Punch biopsy
  • Full excision
  • Flap or graft excision

Dr Anthony Hawes

Dr Anthony Hawes

General and Skin Cancer Practitioner


Dr Anthony Hawes trained as a Doctor and then as a GP in Sydney Australia.

He is a Fellow of the Royal New Zealand College of GP's and has over 20 years experience as a GP and skin cancer practitioner. He is passionate about identifying and treating skin cancer in New Zealand and uses the latest equipment to assist in the diagnosis and management of these conditions.

Dr Ash Eilyaas

Dr Ash Eilyaas

General and Appearance Medicine Practitioner

MBBS (Singapore)

Dr Ash as he is affectionately known to most of his friends and patients, graduated in 1997 and has done numerous postings in public health institutions covering different aspects of medical care. When he is not busy at the clinic, you can always bet on him to find time to indulge in one of his varied interests and passions. This includes playing the electric guitar in his band, scuba diving, cross-country mountain biking or simply taking his car/motorcycle to the racetracks for a weekend dose of high-speed adrenaline!

Dr Hussam Al-Diery

Dr Hussam Al-Diery

General Practitioner


Dr Hussam Al-Diery is a graduate of The University of Auckland Medical School and Member of The Royal NZ College of General Practice. He received several academic and research-based scholarships during his studies and gained his MBChB in 2016. Since achieving his MBChB, he has worked in several hospitals across New Zealand with a broad interest base including general surgery, emergency medicine, internal medicine and inpatient Practitioner in West Auckland, utilizing his past training in managing a variety of health disorders. He delivers an empathetic, thorough and holistic approach to patient care. Hussam has a keen interest in performing minor surgery for the diagnosis and management of skin cancer. He has a sub-interest in the diagnosis and management of sports-related injuries and conditions. Dr Hussam is pro-active and diligent in collaborating with colleagues, including local specialists to deliver excellent care to his patients.  In his spare time, Hussam enjoys playing sports, writing, performing poetry and spending time with family and friends.

Treatment Costs

Skin Check with digital dermoscopy of suspicious moles (15 minutes):
$60.00 (enrolled patients)
$70.00 (casual patients)
$380.00 (First Lesion/Simple Excision) – 30 minutes
$220.00 (subsequent lesions – if excised at the same visit)
Laboratory diagnosis and follow up care is included.
Please note
: an additional theatre material charge will apply – $100.00 per 30 minutes (or part thereof).